Monday, February 19, 2018

CARTAGENA, Colombia Cruise

Welcome friends to Cartagena, Colombia. I have to say after going to Costa Rica & Panama, Cartagena was a wonderful city of fresh air. The other two were dirty & dingy.

As you enter the harbour into Cartagena welcoming you was this statue of the blessed virgin with Christ,

Mary Lou & I arranged for an excursion called " A Taste of Cartagena ". Our excursion leader was a exciting but very thoughtful young man called Bryan who has lived in Cartagena all his life.

Bryan discussed things about the city, the old part of the city and the new.
We stopped to look at the citadel, the old fort.

Back on the bus Bryan told us that we were now going to the old city of Cartagena. Next I will be showing many areas of this old city. Enjoy.
Here I had to stop to find a place to sit down. I had hit over 90 degrees and I was feeling a little ill and Bryan found a couple of chairs and placed them in a tiny street that was cool. It was nice but here there were constant vendors walking around you selling their wares as well vendors standing their things. After awhile  I eventually bought a hat. When we first saw Bryan, he had a hat that I liked. Here was the one that I bought.
The colours represent the flag of Colombia.
Lets continue with our view of Cartagena.
There were many young girls dressed in dresses like this one who would stand for you to take a photo but you had to pay. I just took this photo.
There were many scenes that were constructed in towns square. We had a chance to sit down and had a Pepsi. 
We were back on the bus going back to the ship. Bryan continues to teach us all about Cartagena. As he talked, I took photos out of the bus,
Saying good bye to Bryan and great thanks for an enjoyable excursion. The gangway will be left open because we were going to be in Cartagena for two days.

Time for some lunch. Since we were going here for two days, the second day allowed me some time to spend at pool. Rest friends for now, See ya.

Cruisin Paul

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Costa Rica, Port Limon / Panama, Colon

Limon is a sea port and if you want to town you need to take a taxi. You really need to take an excursion but we didn't arrange for one because we already had three of them later. I was told that it wasn't safe to walk in the town so Mary Lou & I decided to stay and spend some time at the Solarium pool.

We spent the afternoon walking around the ship and later that night watched the musical show.

This is Colon, Panama. Here we arranged an excursion called " Eco - cruise on Gateau Lake ". First we sent to a bus on the dock and met this man Elmer.
Elmer lives in Panama City and comes down to Colon for these excursions.
Once on this tiny boat Elmer explained some interesting things. First was this growth on the tree. It was an ant home. He said that these ants weren't dangerous but the red ants would kill. As we were there we heard terrifying noises coming  from the trees. He informed us that they monkeys near us.
Elmer also informed us that the waters had crocodiles and we saw one sunning itself but because I was on the opposite side of the boat I was unable to take a photo the same thing happened to me when they saw some monkeys. They always went to the opposite of the boat showing special things and I was getting a little frustrated. Once I was able to take a photo of a turtle on a long.
and birds flying out of the trees.
Along the lake live some Indians whose lives are very simple. I was able to take two photos of the children playing along the waters edge.

This excursion disappointed me a great deal. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.
Back on the ship I did take some photos of Colon. One crazy thing about Colon streets & road, they have no STOP signs nor red lights. Its a scary driving place. You noticed that many cars, trucks & buses have dents all over them because of the accidents.

Good bye Colon. I probably never come back unless I can go through the Panama Canal.

Our next port is Cartagena, Colombia. This port was an exciting one. I can't wait showing you Cartagena. See ya tomorrow.

Cruisin Paul

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Second Sea Day Cruise

Good afternoon my good friends. Yes, that's exactly what you are looking at.....grass. It's real true grass on the 15th deck on the Reflection.  Also they have a large TV  here in the lawn area.
On this cruise I noticed there were very few people sitting, walking or even playing games like bocce ball. 

 Along side there are individual pads with chairs and tables. If you wish you could own them for a day at a large cost. I sort of thought it was a waste of time but many people were in them.

There are two very large chairs here in the lawn area. Here's Mary Lou standing along the chair. It was very difficult for her to get into the chair. I have two type of chairs on my patio at home. Not that size but just like the type.

Each deck has something for everyone with many seats. On this deck is the Library.
One afternoon I sat in the seat where the old gentleman sits now and I wanted to read the book I brought withh me. Those seats were so soft and relaxful that eventually I fell asleep. This cruise was so very relaxful that I was resting a great deal.

During breakfast & lunch, Mary Lou & I would get our food and walk to the back of the ship and enjoy our food with fresh air.

Later that day Mary Lou & I went back to our cabin to prepare for " Chic Night " People could dress up if they wished and many did.
Here we are dress up for dinner.

Along with us were a couple from Windsor , Ontario Canada Paul & Laura Petrimoulx.

On our table was a very interesting way to find our table and the men who would assist us each night.

 Each night the waiter introduced what would be the dinner of the night as well as the appetizer. Here is our waiter, Ari.

along with Ari is Assistant waiter I Nyoman. That's his name, I Nyoman.

After having a wonderful dinner, dessert and coffee, Laura & Paul had tea, we all went to the show and then to bed. We were happy but tired. 
Tomorrow we arrive in Costa Rica, Puerto Limon. See you until then. Bye.

Cruisin Paul